Hey, guys hope you downloaded and installed pide charm and the newest versions of Python correctly so we can go ahead and get started by learning a bit more about the site charm idea. So let’s find things we need how to create new python files and stuff like that. So assuming that you just started a new project you hadn’t had any digital marketing company Delhi courses and existing ones already.  

This is what your main interface should look like right now. We have this window open on the last and the main window in the center. So this one on the left just represents our project structure. We can open it close up by clicking on this here and basically just provides us a list of all the current files within this particular project.


Step 1:-

There shouldn’t really be any uphaul from our external libraries as we haven’t created any yet. Now the possum You may or may not have a window open if you do then you can close it just by clicking on its respective tag here. So we have digital marketing company Delhi stuff like the console which will be a way to print messages out as well as take data in.


We have the terminal which basically runs like a regular instance of the terminals you would with a Mac and then we have a to-do list which we haven’t don’t have any to do items yet. So that’s why this is empty. Additionally, you can open up this window on the right which provides a data view but we weren’t in use that this has to do with the debugger.

Step 2:-

 Now you can move stuff around if you want. So, for example, say it wants to display my Python console on the right-hand window or on the left turn window or on the right-hand window I can absolutely move it right into place. So now can open up my Python console over here. Now I have my menu hidden automatically up top but it’s probably going to be visible for you if you don’t have that. Also, hide.


So we’re just going to explore digital marketing company Delhi quickly. We click on the Pycroft Community Edition. This has all the information and options that help you customize pajamas selfs so we can go to preferences. We can change stuff like the appearance and behavior when you change edits to stuff itself how the editor works will often go to our plugins folder here to download and install extra plugins and that will give us access to actual frameworks and extra tools as well.

Step 3:-

We can go to our project here Python basics and if we open up our projects interpreter we can change a different version of Python we’re going to be using by clicking on this. So like I said you do once you generally use the latest version.


I’m going to be using three point six points two. So if you’re using an earlier version some of the tools that I use may or may not be available to you so that’s kind of all you need to know from here. We’ll click OK. And that just switches back to this.

Step 4:-

So as you can see there’ll be a variety of menus and these give us access to all the different components of either your project or site charm or Python itself. Now likely we’ll only be exploring these when we need to open stuff up. For example, we need access to the tools of digital marketing company Delhi we need access to the run configurations and so and so forth but otherwise give these mines tester on yourselves check things out see where things are.


Become familiar with your ID. So now we’re going to take a quick look at how to create a very simple python program and basically start off by creating a new python file. So we’re going to click on our main folder here Additionally you can go to file new you and I’m just going to right-click new file OK.

Step 5:-

Additionally, we can actually choose a python file itself. OK so when we do that byte on file and we’ll just give this a name we can call this something like new file will click OK and there’s a create a new file Toppi way which is the python extension and it tells the compiler that this is going to be a python file, not just a regular text file.


Alternatively again you could create a just a new random file and a name and then put dot PY at the end to save it as a python file. Now Python is an extremely flexible and first tile language and can be easily learned from digital marketing company Delhi. 

Step 6:-

So realistically if we wanted to print something to the console which is are we going to do now we would just be as simple as saying something like Prince and then ends the quotations. We could say something like Hello. Now if we wanted to run this program what we would do seeing is the run option is not available just yet is to go to all menu.


We’re going to go to the run dropdown and we’re going to click on this run. OK. The first one but the second one and we’re just going to choose the new file to be the one that we want to run. So as you can see this will have run our program will get the run window down here and we could put it up here if we want. And as you can see Hello it gets printed out.

Final Step:-

All right. So that’s really all we need to know to get started. Basically how to create programs on python files by digital marketing company Delhi and how to run them. Now you can see that this run options available. Additionally, you can go running and just click on this run here or you can press. You can use this key as well.


OK so play around with your idea a little bit get to know it explores some of these menus some of the options within them and will start in the next section by learning about our Paice on language basic So start with just a brief intro and then we’ll launch right.

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